Casey’s Rewards Sign Up: Fuel Your Savings and More

caseys rewards sign up

Love grabbing a slice of pizza and a refreshing drink at Casey’s? You can turn those everyday purchases into rewards with Casey’s Rewards program! This free loyalty program offers points on gas, food, and almost everything you buy in-store, giving you valuable perks like fuel discounts and Casey’s Cash. If you’re a frequent Casey’s customer, signing up for Casey’s Rewards is a no-brainer. Here’s everything you need to know to get started and start reaping the benefits.

Signing Up for Casey’s Rewards: A Breeze!

Signing up for Casey’s Rewards is quick and easy. You can do it in two convenient ways:

  • Online: Head over to the Casey’s website ( and click on “Join Casey’s Rewards.” Fill out the short registration form with your email address, name, and phone number (optional), and create a secure password.
  • Casey’s App: Download the free Casey’s app (available on iOS and Android) and look for the “Rewards” section. There, you’ll find an option to sign up for the program.

Earning Points with Casey’s Rewards

Earning points with Casey’s Rewards is simple! Here’s how it works:

Every purchase earns points: Almost every item you buy at Casey’s, from gasoline to pizza to coffee, earns you points. The exact point value per dollar spent might vary depending on promotions or special offers, but you’ll always be accumulating points toward valuable rewards.

Bonus points opportunities: Keep an eye out for bonus point offers and promotions throughout the year. Casey’s often runs deals where you can earn extra points on specific items or during certain times of the day.

Redeeming Your Casey’s Rewards Points

Once you’ve accumulated points, it’s time to redeem them for rewards! Casey’s offers a variety of ways to use your points:

Fuel discounts: This is a popular option for many Casey’s Rewards members. You can redeem your points for discounts at the pump, saving you money on every fill-up.

Casey’s Cash: Turn your points into Casey’s Cash, which is essentially like store credit. You can use Casey’s Cash to pay for anything in-store, just like cash.

Donations to your local school: Feeling generous? Casey’s Rewards allows you to donate your points to support a local school of your choice.

Casey’s Rewards Tiers: Unlock More Benefits

Casey’s Rewards offers two tiers: Regular Member and VIP Member. Here’s what you need to know:

Regular Member: This is the default tier you join upon signing up. You earn points on all purchases and have access to all redemption options.

VIP Member: Reach VIP status by spending a certain amount of money at Casey’s within a calendar year (the specific amount can change, so check Casey’s website for current details). VIP members earn points at an accelerated rate, unlocking even more savings.

Casey’s Rewards App: Your Rewards Hub

The Casey’s app is your one-stop shop for managing your Casey’s Rewards experience. Here’s what you can do with the app:

Track your points: See your current point balance and how close you are to your next reward.

Redeem rewards: Easily redeem your points for fuel discounts, Casey’s Cash, or school donations.

Browse promotions: Stay up-to-date on current deals and bonus point opportunities.

Find a store: Locate your nearest Casey’s location for convenient shopping.

Manage your account: Update your profile information and payment methods (if applicable).


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Casey’s Rewards:

1. Is there a cost to join Casey’s Rewards?

No, joining Casey’s Rewards is completely free!

2. Do my points expire?

Casey’s Rewards points do not expire as long as your account remains active (meaning you make a purchase at least once every 24 months).

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